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What are the changes with preorder?

Preordering & Sustainability

HK is having an operation makeover: Promised delivery preorder cycles.

1) To enhance service, sustain quality, prioritize packaging, presentation, variety, and communication for all those that help and support me, to the best of my abilities, and ensure an HK experience with each order. 2) To continue building HK for generations to come, I -Hogoe Kpessou will be scheduling preorders for our most popular items.

This will translate into clear communication between you and me on when items are to arrive and leave room for unforeseen hiccups. As a self-supporting brand, it is not easy to always be financially ahead of issues, but this will make it easier on both you: my supporter, and me: Hogoe Kpessou.

How will it work?

- Our popular HK items will now be scheduled on a three-month timeline base.

- Preorders will run for a week at a time.

For example: If you order a preorder item on 05/05/2022 the estimated shipping arrival will be between 06/05/2022 at the earliest and 8/05/2022 at the latest.

Pre-orders would reset on 05/12/22 at midnight, and the new shipping estimation would be 06/12/22-08/12/22.

Unless there is extra ready-made stock for the rest of the month from the orders collected for 06/05/22. If there is extra, the preorder setting for those items will be turned off, there will be an email alert and estimated for 2-5 business days shipping, or overnight for expedited once in stock. Pre-ordered Items will be prioritized.

- Once you order your preorder item it will begin being made. The estimated ship-out day will be posted in the description. Chances are you will receive your order before then, if so you will be notified.

- If the collected orders are all finished before the three-month mark, which is likely, you will receive a notification with the updated shipping date.

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Well wishes

“ May any item you purchase from my brand be there for all your joyous moments, witness & attract good your way. “ - Hogoè

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